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I've been in IT for a long time, built websites from scratch with mockups, design, UI development, coding, content management, SEO and support. Then I was turned off the right way. But I've always tried to keep up with the industry. However, i've missed a lot. My current goal is to get back on this path. I rapidly learn and improve myself.

Contact Details

Fedor Grigoryev


Baltic State Technical University

Engineer degree in "Safety of technological processes and production" June 2006

RS School

Javascript Frontend Mar-Oct 2022

You should have heared about this school. For me it was a huge asskick! In brief: it made me run from making self-presentation videos through Network protocols, design basics, Figma, VSCode, Git and GitHub, HTML, CSS and SCSS, JavaScript (vanilla, ES6), TypeScript!, Node.js, got 4 kyu at Codewars etc. For the final project I had to use reveal.js, Trello, MongoDB (Atlas), netlify and heroku, OBS, bunch of other amazing tools. I've got into React, Redux, RTK and RTK Query to complete the final task which I've then presented (even made a RACI matrix). And that's in just 11 weeks. Awesome! Graduated with a certificate. (I've joined the React course later, completed without a certificate) Sure all listed above is just a list for a CV, doesn't mean I'm a pro at any, but I had a task for each point and had to comprehend stuff to solve it.



Webmaster April 2014 - Present

I was generally away from IT, went back to nature. But I could not abandon my fellow clients. Some things eventually were done:

SEO of corporate website and blog for the international cloud-based storage management, smart backup tools. As a result of 3 months work: markup fixed, microdata, web-vizor, meta data fixed, kw core list updated and crosslinks set accordingly.
SE visibility +10%, organic sessions +6%, CR +25%.

In the background I took care of Accounting Company's website.


Web developer September 2013 - February 2014

I had to rapidly consume a bunch of contemporary technologies and frameworks, used to interview and evaluate new teammates. Eventually this was a great experience working at the global top 3 IT service. Got into:

  • LAMP, MAMP, Git, Ant
  • SCRUM + YouTrack
  • PHP, MySQL, Javascript + require.js, underscore.js, jQuery
  • Templates HTML + CSS (bootstrap basics)

ETNA Software

SEO Engineer September 2013 - February 2014

I was responsible for the entire internet-marketing activity, including SEO, content distribution, analytics and marketing data representation. The most engaging part was the internal website optimization and implementing of a huge range of constantly evolving features provided by Search Engines and standarts. I loved working as a part of that smart business with that awesome people. Worked with: PHP, Wordpress/Drupal, HTML/CSS/JS, Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator, a bunch of complex analytical and reporting tools. This is still my favorite experience and human-management quality benchmark in an IT-company.


Well this is just

  • Photoshop / Figma
  • UI development (frontend)
  • Backend (Node, PHP, APIs, DBs)
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript / TypeScript